Ppppppaaarrrfffooooiiiissss, 2022

Je suis tombé amoureux des adverbes.
il y a une liberté dans ces mots toujours à coté, altijd er bij, always nuance.

Clapping Hands, 2022

Clapping Hands, 2022

Chairdog, 2022

Chairdog, 2022


The dog you always wanted.


A hand standing, on wood, 2021


27.02.2022 @Mecenaat Van Haelen Mécénat

ça, ça, ça et ça  2022

27th of February,  16h @Mecenaat Van Haelen Mécénat, Beersel

A hand standing, 2021



Noir de Mazy, handmade during Moerdijk Sculpture Group, 10-17th of July 2021

Session d'Alimentation  18.02.2022

18th of February,  21h - ...  Bar Le New Touquet - Chaussée de Waterloo 8, 1060 Saint-Gilles

18.02.2022 @LE NEW TOUQUET



O-R-E-U-C, 2022

make-up video, plays in a loop

Screenshot 2022-01-07 at 14.32.14.png

Sketch for a performance, 2022

Ça, ça, ça et ça - l'épouvantail & l'oiseau racontent quelques choses 2022


A bird and a scarecrow discussing loneliness.


Handkopf on green silk, 2021



Scared Sandwich, TCVCACV, 2021

14th of March : THE VILLAGE ELDER - DE DORPSWIJZE    @Des Esseintes Meadow

with Åsa Hjortzberg Lie, Dirk Elst & Mathieu Hendrickx




Bluestone, handmade during Moerdijk Sculpture Group, 10-17th of July 2021


TCWS, a film installation @ ZSenne Art Lab,  2021

THE COUNTRY WAS STOLEN  2021   -  a collaboration with Oleg Danilov

excerpt:      >film/video player

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-22 101551.jpg

Concept Drawing, Sourcebook, GOLDBERG VARIATIONS

GOLDBERG VARIATIONS  2020  -  a collaboration with George van Dam

release of this project  December, 2020 on Bandcamp: https://george-alexander.bandcamp.com/

trailer:      >film/video player



il y des choses, que... ça passe comme ça,

ça passe,

ça passe,

et ça passe aussi,

mais apres, si on ne parle pas de ça, ça, ça et ça,

on commence à se dire:

oui bien sûr,

il faut peut-être parler de ça, ça, ça et ça,

mais c’est quoi ça?



Ça, ça, ça et ça  2021

Hand Bag 2020,
in collaboration with Stephanie Becquet

this video was presented  in Oct, 2020 BOLTRA, Brussels:

LA_Ï BO_NA  2017  a collaboration with Lisa K. Schweiger



Presentation at S-A-L-O-O-N, Oct 2017

LA_Ï BO_NA  is a two-channel video installation  based on a song from 1930. 

My grandmother learned this song at the age of 8 to welcome a missionary who returned from Congo.


James Joyce & Franz Kafka  2012-2018  -  a collaboration with Pim Heerkens

A series of performances between 2012-2018 mostly somewhere in Brussels.

watch one of the performances:   >film/video player

JJ &FK in Berlin: >A Reminiscence

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-22 134753.jpg

Still, Mount Tackle The video, 2016

Mount Tackle, The video 2016  -  for Heike Langsdorf

HD, colour with sound, 4'15"


Still, Sweetheart, 2013

Sweetheart  2013  -  with Delfine Bafort & Arend Pinoy

Sweetheart is a short film that questions the codes of an encounter -in film- between

a man and a woman in and around a car.

HD, colour with sound ca. 22’

trailer:      >film/video player


On The Road, 2011

On The Road  2011  -  a collaboration with Felix Kindermann

On an early evening on May 26th 2011 we pushed an immobile ’66 Ford Mustang

once through the city of Brussels. From the dusty garage where we found it was a total distance

of 3,3 km to the gallery where the audience was invited to follow the performance.


video documentation:      >film/video player


ACT I, Exhibition view, 2013

ACT I 2010  -  with Sam Louwyck

HD, ca. 6', color with no sound