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Mathieu Hendrickx (°1987)

studied psychology (2006-2009) at the University of Ghent and Audiovisual arts at

LUCA School of Arts in Brussels (2009-2013, MA).

His artistic practice focuses on film and performance, where both fields influence one another. In his studio he produces and collects objects, sculptures, collage of texts, images and sounds that form an eclectic playground as a starting point for future works. Next to that, for more than ten years now, he's been looking at his own hands, other peoples' hands, and how they relate to one another.

In 2014 he founded  Messervideo, a  Brussels based videoteam, together with three fellow students from art school. They have worked for i.a. Meg Stuart Damaged Goods, Two Envelopes 2 @ Atelier Claus, Youth Orchestra Flanders, Heike Langsdorf, Beursschouwburg, Galerie Greta Meert, Myriam Van Imschoot, Goethe Institut,

Musée d'Ixelles, Vlaams Radio Koor, Art Brussels, De Singel, Bas Devos…

Since 2017 he participates every year in the Moerdijk Sculpture Group, a residency project

initiated by Bart Lescrève & Lieven Debrabandere. Since 2018, he co-organises this residency together with Bart Lescrève.


Avril 2022 The Country Was Stolen @Videodrome2, Marseille, France

February 2022 ça, ça, ça et ça, l'épouvantail et l'oiseau racontent quelques choses

@mecenaat van haelen, Beersel

February 2022 concert Session d'Alimentation @Le New Touquet, Saint-Gilles

December 2021 THE COUNTRY WAS STOLEN @ Cinema of Nations, Potsdam, Germany

November 2021 El Clave Mal Temperado presentation in Bar Boom, Brussels

June 2021 Coup de Soleil at Wings Tavern with Bart Lescrève, Spare us the gutter, SeeU, Bxl

January 2021  -  Residency ZSenne Art Lab for THE COUNTRY WAS STOLEN

December 2020 - Release of GOLDBERG VARIATIONS on Bandcamp
October 2020, Boltra, Brussels


Feb, 2018 Ithaka, Leuven

October, 2017  S-A-L-O-O-N, Brussels 

James Joyce & Franz Kafka - selection

2018 James Joyce & Franz Kafka are visiting Berlin, Royal Museums of Fine Arts

2016 James Joyce & Franz Kafka The Writer’s Pose…, Monk, Brussels

2014 James Joyce & Franz Kafka, are burning der Prozess…, 2m3

more on:


29/10/13 - 08/11/13  Sint-Lukas Galerie, Blackbox, Brussels

14/02/14 - 09/03/14  Prix Médiatine 2014, Brussels

15/02/14 The Cinema of Gestures, Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL 

27/02/14 HGO! Extra - Kaskcinema, Ghent

19/03/14 - 03/04/14 HGO! Extra - Kultuurkaffee VUB, Brussels

06-07/06/2015 Maison de la Folie, Mons

Prix Médiatine, 2014

HGO! Extra, 2014

On The Road

May, 2011 Recyclart, Brussels


15-17.02.2013 ‘I Think This Too Shall Pass’, Gent


2019 Kring 21, Des Eissentes, Hoeilaert

2014 10 Balles et Un Mars, RosaBrux, Brussels

2013 Dansverboot, Molenbeek, Brussels


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